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Released on 'Together We Can Climb The Tallest Tree", a compilation put together by Tree Climber Records in support of Camp Riley (

Dear Reader .

I was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which is a condition that mostly affects the arms, legs, and occasionally the feet and hands. I unfortunately was affected in all of the above. Like most young children I enjoyed going outside and playing in dirt, but one thing I always wanted to do was climb a tree…that's correct...climb a tree.

When I was about 7 or so my parents found out about a free summer camp that allowed children with all types of disabilities to enjoy the great outdoors. One hot humid day we went on a hike, and about one hour or so into this hike we came along a very tall tree, and they looked at me and told me that I and my skinny no biceps or triceps, metal and leather braces self was going to climb that. To my 7 year old mind that seemed like the biggest tree on earth. They strapped me to a harness and over a period of what felt like forever they helped me climb that tree.

That camp was Camp Riley , and now being an adult I would like to give something back to them.

This record includes tracks by

shane parish, ship & sail, mc hihack, harpy, acclimate and ego death, douglas lucas, ghostscapes, fire-toolz, derek piotr, llarks, maiza hixson, aaron nicholas west, gravespit, norman minoque, ben rehling, chelion frame, mark cunningham, joe+n, tender mercy, brendan murray, howard stelzer, and thaniel ion lee

- thaniel ion lee


I love to watch her dance
It's a noir of a romance
But I'm in a bad way
I've got nothing new to say

It can't be that bad, it's just a heart attack
You'll come back from that, it's only a setback

I think we should get some sleep
and tomorrow we'll be happy
I know you wanted to keep me
but now it's time to leave

It can't be that bad, it's just a panic attack
Just come back to bed, it's only a nightmare


Recorded in my apartment
Produced by Marco Aziel


all rights reserved



Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.

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