Live at Fauxchella III (by Loon Base Studios)

by Ship & Sail

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Recorded by Loon Base Studios live at Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio at Summit Shack's Fauxchella III

Album cover photography by Abbey Recker
Album cover design by Colin Haggerty


released April 24, 2019

Cheers to Taylor, Chance, and Matthew at Loon Base Studios for making this happen

Thanks to Sean, Carrie, Elliott, Conor, Trey, Bails, Dillon, Alex, and everyone at Fauxchella III


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Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.

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Track Name: Get Clean (Live)
You hum
Like the Christmas lights
When you crawl
Into bed at night
And you tried
To hide from the fright
But I saw
Right through your eyes

I’m still awake tonight
When you crossed through my mind
And I’m sick of hide and seek
Sarah, come back out for me

You have jewelry
Hanging up above the sink
Nothing but a scary dream
Of oppression
Sung like nursery

Get clean
For me
Track Name: Lynda (Live)
The third floor
At the Henry Ford
Hospice Rooms
Oxygen chords
I never thought I’d love you more
Than I did when I was young

The words get stuck behind my tongue

I scream and yell
Can’t make a sound

Your hospital gown
A bright green dress
The oxygen
Your necklace

You’ve got your father’s bark
Your mother’s bite
Is she coming to the show tonight?

You’ve got your mother’s smile
From cheek to cheek
Half bent smirk
When you’re feeling weak
A quick remark
When you’re done wrong
Her fascination
For the sad songs
you make
Track Name: Henry Ford Hospital (Live)
When I drive to Hayley’s house
I pass by the hospital where you died
I watched you breathe in and
Watched struggle to breathe out

Narrated by Mount Eerie
I drive as fast as I can
To pass through a moment in time
Only relative to where I am

I say goodbye
One more time

I hope you feel pretty when you wake up cause you deserve to feel something akin to self love
Devotion is tough
I don’t feel it enough
You said devotion is tough
But you never show up

I hope that you hear this before you go to bed
I have bad thoughts stirring around in my head
You make me think clearer and you make me forget
The image of him in the hospital bed

Tie the bricks to my wrist
Tell me to swim if I can
Track Name: Blood Moon (Live)
Blood moon over the heads of the meek
We’ll inherit the earth but we’ll be fast asleep
We’re a dead eyed stare at a hole in the wall
We’re a rock climber on a cliff too tall

I’m sick kneeling to an empty priest
Closing my eyes while they baptize me
Hiding behind my bedroom sheets
Digging graves in all my bad dreams

Dead asleep on your birthdays eve
Trying to win but you friends all cheat
What do you think about staying with me
Are we what you thought we could be?

You’re sick of crawling for the family throne
Humming nursery rhymes while you're all alone
Keeping distance from the ones who love you most
Trying to stitch the things you used to sew

Come alive when you think of me
Fall asleep as I’m leaving
Track Name: Hope (Live)
I find it hard not to think about what happened when I was young
But I’m working on getting through it
So I can have a son
Tell him I’ve been where you are
It was hard but I made it here
Just remember to breathe
There’s few things in your life that can beat you

Are you happy to see me
Are you happy to see
What I’ve become
Is this what they call love
Is this what they call trust

I know it’s not my place to say it but
I think you’re incredible
I try not to take it for granted but
I tend to do that a lot
Is it okay if I stay here
Just for one night
I know it’s unreasonable
But I’d rather not drive

Are you happy to be here
Are you happy with what you hear
Whatever will come will go away
Whatever you see can be covered up

Are you happy to see me
Are you happy to see what I’ve become
Is this what they call love
Is this what they call trust

I’m happy to be here
Right here beside your bed
I don’t want you to leave yet
I don’t want you to see death

Are you happy to leave here
Are you happy to see what’s coming next
I know you’re in pain
I’ll let you go when you’re ready
Track Name: Sinner (Live)
The coffee is ready
But you’ll have to fix it
Pause the comedy
I don’t want to miss it
Cause I need a laugh
Even just for a second
To distract my mind
From useless depression

Your brother is coming home
He wasn’t convicted
Who can blame him for
Causing some mischief
We’ve all been kids
And it’s part of living
Just always keep
A life full of learning

Dog on the balcony
Is looking suspicious
Knock on the owners door
Ask if they’ll miss him
Take him home
A bowl in the kitchen
It still gets cold
Here in the winter

Denied everytime
From heavens admission
But if there’s a god out there
I don’t think I’ll miss them
It’s not my home
I was evicted
From the pearly gates
Cause I am a sinner

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