From Seeds

by Ship & Sail

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Gareth A Hopkins
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Gareth A Hopkins This is an astoundingly beautiful album. Fragile and true. It reminds me of some stuff that my family have been through recently and it's very affecting becasue of that. Favorite track: Hope.


Recorded by Sean Weyers at Weyers Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Doug Gallo at AGL Sounds
Album cover and back artwork done by Brijana Bondy
Design help by Nikita Kuzmowicz
All songs written and performed by Colin Haggerty


released November 9, 2018

Thank you, Sean, for pushing me to be more creative and helping my vision come into fruition
Thank you, Doug, for adding in your perspective, advice, and patience while I make this record

Thank you Anthony Zito, Hayley Bea, Jacob Hanlon, and Steve Kroll for performing live with me. You make me a better musician. Sorry all the songs are so slow.

Thank you, Brij, for making and letting me use your beautiful artwork.

Thank you, Niki, for helping me make my ideas come to life

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and other bands for supporting this project and my life in general.

Thank you, Mom, for the beautiful life you've given me. It was your beauty and love that got me here and will help me continue living a life worth being proud of. July 2nd, 2018 will forever be the worst day of my life, but every July 2nd from here on out will be served to remember the beautiful gift you gave me and everyone around you. I love you.


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Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.


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Track Name: Lynda
The third floor
At the Henry Ford
Hospice Rooms
Oxygen chords
I never thought I’d love you more
Than I did when I was young

The words get stuck behind my tongue

I scream and yell
Can’t make a sound

Your hospital gown
A bright green dress
The oxygen
Your necklace

You’ve got your father’s bark
Your mother’s bite
Is she coming to the show tonight?

You’ve got your mother’s smile
From cheek to cheek
Half bent smirk
When you’re feeling weak
A quick remark
When you’re done wrong
Her fascination
For the sad songs you make
Track Name: A Wish, A Lie
It’s a secret
I can never tell
But you feel strange
Having me around

But you can’t
fall asleep with him
Left the lights off in the basement
Lit a candle with a flame

And I’m leaving
Back to Redford, I’m sorry

Eric’s in the room
Right next to mine
Got his own to the paper
Trying to find a rhyme

About how he got here
And how to get out
Make sure his daughter's never leaving,
Make sure his son has no doubts

I know I love her
But I won’t say her name
I just wish I could tell
The truth for a change
Track Name: Fix
I wish I knew this
When I was young
How bad it hurts to think you’re
Having fun
We’re all sick of it
The same old jokes
I’m not leaving
With my mind closed

I’ll get my fix
Then call it quits
I’ll break in
The old apartment
Where we lived
When I was sick
“One more drink” I said
And you were pissed

I’ll get through this
If I try
But when I try I’m scared of
How I might
Lose it all on
One weak night
The work I did
Lost in fright
Track Name: Windowsill
She sits
In the basement
She screams
Cause she’s wasted
I crawl
Into bed
For the night

She thinks
“I can take it”
But I know she’s faking
I stare out the window
At the light
When she leaves I want to die with her
And we sit in the chair by the windowsill
While I pine for the love from which her life is filled

If there’s anything that I can do to help, just tell me
I don’t want you to think you have to do this by yourself

So I sit by the window pane
And he’s praying to god in the pouring rain
Asking for life for just one more day
Track Name: Bed to Stay
You died
From the inside out
Your body surrendered
Your lungs gave out

The kids are still talking
With the windows down
I crept into the backyard
Where the dogs run around

They are chasing after
Some ghost of you
The children ring of laughter
They don’t realize it’s through

The sun goes down
And the lights go out
I’m sorry I can’t keep a long commitment
Last time I did
I found my own ship sinking

Staring out the car
at the sideways rain
I crept into your mind
Made my own bed to stay

Then when you insisted that I move out
I plead through the autumn
Found a new way around
Track Name: Hope
I find it hard not to think about what happened when I was young
But I’m working on getting through it
So I can have a son
Tell him I’ve been where you are
It was hard but I made it here
Just remember to breathe
There’s few things in your life that can beat you

Are you happy to see me
Are you happy to see
What I’ve become
Is this what they call love
Is this what they call trust

I know it’s not my place to say it but
I think you’re incredible
I try not to take it for granted but
I tend to do that a lot
Is it okay if I stay here
Just for one night
I know it’s unreasonable
But I’d rather not drive

Are you happy to be here
Are you happy with what you hear
Whatever will come will go away
Whatever you see can be covered up

I’m happy to be here
Right here beside your bed
I don’t want you to leave yet
I don’t want you to see death

Are you ready to leave here
Are you ready to see what’s coming next
I know you’re in pain
I’ll let you leave when you’re ready to go
Track Name: Call it Quits
When the meds don’t work
I can’t sleep
I cry and bleed
For you to sit next to me

And It’s 6
But it’s dark
In a Michigan state park

I tried to address my fears
They scared me away
My father looked me right in my face
Said “the day you graduate will be my best day
Nothing they say can take that away”

So call it quits
I’m sick of this
I’m not far from where we started

So I knelt down in my favorite place
Said this will be the street
Where I ask her to marry me

If the devil is real I️ know him all too well
When I️ see him he looks just like myself
And I️ wonder if this means I’m in hell then I️ wake up and see it’s only me at this sink
Drinking the bleach
I don’t want to do this
But I have to

I have to
Track Name: Nails
Were your nails in my back your plan of attack?
Did you think that I was not coming back?
Bed sheets gleam as they slip to the floor
I still think you deserved so much more

Balcony smokes and your friends’ old jokes
You’re the only one I’ve ever known
To love something else more than it loves you
And to see death the same way I do

Did you swear to his grave you would be okay?
Did you lie when you said you knew the way?
Did you choke on the smoke from the ash when in burned?
Did you scream to your mom “when is it my turn?”
Track Name: Maggie
It’s the last time
I’ll say I’m fine
I just think there’s something
Off about our lives

Maggie I don’t care
About anything
But you can’t stop screaming
From the bathroom sink

It’s the last time
I’ll swear in front of your kids
I don’t mean to break the bad news
But it’s all that I can think

Maggie I don’t care
If you don’t want to see me again
Run faster, chasing after
But I’m too far behind

Running faster, chasing after
But you’re too hard to find
Track Name: From Seeds
From Seeds
Grow trees
Try to
Forgive me

From seeds
Grow trees
Try not
To forget me

From seeds
Grow Trees
Don’t say you’re leaving

From Seeds
Grow Trees
Don’t die
On me

From Seeds

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