Even From A Dying Tree, The Worry Bird Sings

by Ship & Sail



All tracks written and performed by Colin Haggerty
Drums on 'Redford Basement' and 'Comatose' by Jacob Hanlon
Recorded and Produced by Sean Weyers at Weyers Studios


released March 28, 2018

Special thanks to:
Dad, Mom, Judy, Jon, Aunt Meg, Dan, Joni, Brooklynn, Bentley, Cass Benton, Spacecadet, The Haggerty's, Pat Maher, Collin Kelly, Backpack Kid Quarter Back Tom Brady, Sean Weyers, and of course, Eric Dantley Shuman.


all rights reserved



Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.

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Track Name: Redford Basement
I think you’re still sick
Of me but I exist
Only in your bedroom

I know where you went
To smoke your cigarettes
In your basement
All alone

Of Redford
The parking lot glows
Fluorescent light

I keep having this dream that I'm dying
But you're asleep so you don't notice
Track Name: I Built A House
I built a house
And you were inside
So I burned it down
Then sat there and cried

Cause In my mind
It was your smile
That was our source of light

I thought you felt
Now I feel bad that I didn't
Take the time

You said
I can't do this
But I tried
I tried

You said
You'll get Through this
With your help I might

Why do I feel so alone tonight?
Track Name: Manifest Depression
The blood falls down your cheek
And drips on to me
But I’m not alive the way that I used to be

Your lips look so pale to me
Do you feel empty?
Is there a way that I can bring you back to belief
In something more than me?
In something more than a phone screen and pictures of his family?
Are you listening to me?
Do you hear the drum beat?
Do you hear the sound of our mom’s heart on repeat?

Do you feel like a criminal?
I still feel responsible

Your feet must be freezing
Your heart’s on your sleeve
Your knife’s in my back and I’m in the street
I fall to take a seat
It starts raining
The buildings start to fall and my life’s crumbling
They’re staring at me
I’m slowly dying
I tried to wake up but I just can’t shake this sleep
That he gave to me
When I was 13
I’ll never unsee the things that happened to me
My brain feels incomplete
My speech is muttering
I’m numb so the idea of death feels so soothing
Track Name: Comatose
What if I have a child and he has nightmares?
What if my daughter can’t sleep cause she’s so scared of a man dressed in black outside her window?
What if I just decide to leave them alone?

But I can’t
And I won’t
You’re comatose

And I’m a joke
Nobody knows how bad it hurts when I’m alone
You stood, looking at me, like I saw you in my dreams
You said “I can’t believe all that my eyes see, you make my heart bleed when you stare back at me”
Track Name: Swim
On Christmas Day
We scream and shake
I cry for him
He slipped away
I pray for him
To a god above
That I never really
Learned to love
I know I’m weak
For her, I sink
To the lowest ground
She laughs at me
My heart breaks
For her I’d take
My life away
My life away
In Carbondale
Between the trees
I thought about you
I thought about me
I’m alone
My worst company
I dreamed of a sleep
Not ruined by grief
Everyone says ‘swim’
But I just sink
I think maybe
This is where I want to be

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