Creekside Sessions

by Ship & Sail



All tracks written and performed live by Colin Haggerty
Audio and Video by Sean Weyers

A Wish, A Lie:


released May 29, 2018


all rights reserved



Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.

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Track Name: A Wish, A Lie
It's a secret
I could never tell
But you feel so strange
Having me around

But you can't
Fall asleep with him
Left the lights off in the basement
Lit a candle with a flame

And I'm leaving
Back to Redford
I'm sorry

Eric's in the room
Right next to mine
Got his pen to a paper
Trying to write a rhyme

About how he got here
And how to get out
Make sure his daughters never leaving
Make sure his son has no doubts

I know I love her
But I won't say her name
I just wish I could tell
The truth for a change
Track Name: Maggie
It's the last time I'll say that I'm fine
I just think there's something off about our lives

Maggie, I don't care about anything
But you wont stop screaming from the bathroom sink

It's the last time I'll swear in front of your kids
And I don't mean to break the bad news, but it's all I can think

Maggie, I don't care if you don't want to see me again
Running faster, chasing after, but I'm too far behind
Running faster, chasing after, but you're too hard to find
Track Name: Swim
On Christmas Day
We scream and shake
I cry for him
He slipped away
I pray for him
To a god above
That I never really
Learned to love
I know I’m weak
For her, I sink
To the lowest ground
She laughs at me
My heart breaks
For her I’d take
My life away
My life away
In Carbondale
Between the trees
I thought about you
I thought about me
I’m alone
My worst company
I dreamed of a sleep
Not ruined by grief
Everyone says ‘swim’
But I just sink
I think maybe
This is where I want to be

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