Acoustic Bedroom Sessions

by Ship & Sail



released May 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Ship & Sail Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Indie/Folk/Americana. It's kind of fun, kind of sad.

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Track Name: A Wish, A Lie
It's a secret
I could never tell
But you feel so strange
Having me around

But you can't
Fall asleep with him
Left the lights off in the basement
Lit a candle with a flame

And I'm leaving
Back to Redford
I'm sorry

Eric's in the room
Right next to mine
Got his pen to a paper
Trying to write a rhyme

About how he got here
And how to get out
Make sure his daughters never leaving
Make sure his son has no doubts

I know I love her
But I won't say her name
I just wish I could tell
The truth for a change
Track Name: Disconnect
When the meds don’t work
I can’t sleep
I cry and bleed
For you to sit next to me

And hide
From how you’re feeling inside

And It’s 6
But it’s dark
In a Michigan state park

So I knelt down in my favorite place
Said this will be the street
Where I ask her to marry me

If the devil is real I️ know him all too well
When I️ see him he looks just like myself
And I️ wonder if this means I’m in hell then I️ wake up and see it’s only me at this sink
Drinking the bleach
I don’t want to do this
But I have to

I have to
Track Name: Same Old Jokes
I wish I knew this
When I was young
How bad it hurts to think you're
Having fun
We're all sick of it
The same old jokes
I'm not leaving here with
My mind closed

I'll get my fix
Then call it quits
I'll break in the old
Where we lived
When I was sick
"One more drink"
You were pissed

And I can't forget
How we lived

I'll get through this
If I try
But when I try I'm scared of
How I might
Lose it all on
One weak night
The work I did
Lost in fright
Track Name: Riverwalk
I kissed you on the river walk
and Canada was glowing in the dark
I could taste the wine on your lips
I could feel your smile through your finger tips

I try to scream, but I just can't talk
I try to run, but I just balk
I miss the way I felt when I was okay
Not screaming for yesterday

Godspeed to redeem yourself
Try to run, try and get some help
Scared of the myth of hell
Rest assured, you'll get there well

You're still awake
I'm still sleeping
I know you're listening
But I quit speaking

Flashback the time
I'm still sinking
Drop the car at the station
But I'm still leaving

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